Types of Vinyl Records Storage

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vinyl records storage

Types of Vinyl Records Storage

There is something nostalgic and unique about listening to music on a record player using vinyl. It not only brings back great memories but also sounds different as compared to other music players. Vinyl records, over the past decade, made a strong comeback even among the younger generation. A total of 1.243 million vinyl records were sold in 2019, with a total value of $224 million.

There are people who love to collect vinyl records, whether they are from the past or the present. However, when it comes to vinyl records storage, the right methods to storing are important. Vinyl records tend to be fragile and need some care and attention. Also, the wrong storage methods end up harming the vinyl records and greatly impact their performance in a negative way.

So why should we store these records and what are some options available for vinyl records storage?

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Why is it Important to Store Vinyl Records?

Certain storage methods could actually damage the vinyl records. Vinyl collectors are known to invest quite a bit of their money when buying these records and the last thing they need is to damage them. Every vinyl collector knows the importance of taking care of their collection and preserving the records. As mentioned above, vinyl records can be very fragile and should be treated with a lot of care. They are easily prone to damage, therefore storing them the right way is extremely crucial. When vinyl records that are scuffed, scratched, or bent will start to skip or not play properly at all. This clearly shows the importance of storing vinyl records the correct way.

How to Store Vinyl Records

Listed below are different ways that can help with vinyl records storage.

1. Cleaning the Records Before Placing Them In The Jackets

Before placing the record back into its jacket, it is important to make sure that it’s clean. Using the right tools for cleaning is important as well. Certain individuals just use their shirts to clean their records, but this is not the correct way. The traces of dirt, including the shirt’s fibers, can end up damaging the vinyl record.

There are special record cleaning brushes that are specifically made for this job. They can be bought from local music stores or even online. They can easily help with getting rid of dirt and dust. For a thorough cleaning session, there are vinyl-cleaning solutions that can help with proper cleaning.

2. Storing the Records Using Their Album Jackets

It is very important to place the vinyl records back into their respective album jackets after a listening session. According to certain vinyl experts, the only time a vinyl record should be out of its cover is when it needs to be played. The longer it stays on the turntable, the more dirt and dust will gather on top of it.

3. Keeping Vinyl Records Vertically in Storage

To keep the vinyl records in good condition, they should be stored while in an upright position. When records are stored in a slanting position for a long time, this can cause them to bend due to the uneven pressure being placed on them.  Storing them while they are standing upright is the correct way to do it.

4. Not Stacking the Records on Top of One Another

Storing vinyl records by stacking them on top of each other is not the correct way to do it. Using this method will greatly damage the records, even when they are placed inside their jackets. The weight of the other records will result in warping the vinyl and potentially cracking it. Also, this could lead to a lot of scuff marks as well. Also, by storing them this way, the album jacket artwork can get damaged too.

Different types of Vinyl Records Storage

Listed below are a few options to help you store your vinyl records the right way.

1. Record Storage Holders

A record storage holder is mostly made from a wooden base with grooves and sheets of transparent acrylic that act as bookends. This rack can hold up to fifty vinyl records. Also, it is easy to sift through the records when deciding which one to play. This portable rack does not take up a lot of space and can be placed anywhere.

2. Record Storage Crates

A lot of people store their vinyl records inside crates. Different brands have now started manufacturing crates for this very purpose. They made these crates aesthetically pleasing to look at and blend in with the home décor, while also maintaining its storage properties. These come in a variety of sizes, hence can store a certain number of vinyl records. Crates ensure that the records are stored in an upright position, which makes them a great storage option.

3. Magazine and Disc Holders

Magazine holders and discs holders can also act as great storage pieces for holding vinyl records. They tend to be easy, simple to use and can basically fit anywhere. They are perfect for someone who has a smaller collection of vinyl records. They are usually made from wire-style iron frames, which makes them durable and sturdy.

4. Storage Cabinets and Shelves

For individuals who are dedicated vinyl collectors and have a massive collection of records, a storage shelf or cabinet is the right way to go. This storage option also comes in a variety of sizes. These can either take up an entire wall or come in a smaller option for someone with a medium-sized collection.


Vinyl records are special pieces of memorabilia that are still alive to this day and offer high-quality music. That is why storing them the correct way is very important when it comes to their longevity. The right vinyl records storage will keep them safe and secure for a long period of time.

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