About Us

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About Us

How did Dead Short Audiophonics Begin?

When the owner of the company was growing up , technology, electronics, and gadgets were everyday life. A term his father used to always use, when something broke. No matter what it was, whether is was a broken pencil or a broken dryer, it was always first accused of having a “Dead Short“. This saying remained a part of his family ever since, hence the name.

The founder of Dead Short Audio had always been involved with electronics and hi-fi. When younger, he had been heavily in the car stereo world and then those skills migrated to the love of hi-fi. Always experimenting and working to make things better.

The Why

The passion and engrained drive to provide great products, excellent service , and provide expert advice is what we stand for. We believe in providing as much one on one interaction as much as possible to provide the best experience for the customer. Our mission is to be here for a while and not just for one transaction. We want to be your go-to and your resident expert to answer your inquiries intelligently and with the purpose to educate the client in the same breath.

So feel free to contact us at anytime with your questions, concerns , or suggestions.

We are all here to learn from each other and we believe this mantra in its fullest form.